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News out of New York yesterday centered around an alleged early Saturday morning robbery of Foxy Brown in Brooklyn at the hands of four assailants. But this wasn't your run-in-the-mill chain snatching, this appears to as much a matter of the heart as it is the loot.

The alleged attack was a result of Foxy dumping her boyfriend after finding out he was a pimp. The ex-boyfriend/pimp then apparently called some ladies to come straighten Foxy out, resulting in a beating/weave snatching/robbery.

Foxy, who's on probation and is facing a battery charge of her own, told reporters this morning that she was not robbed of a Louis Vuitton bag, $500 in cash and credit cards. Police refute the claim, saying that Foxy was the victim. They have made an arrest in the case but have no additional information on other suspects.

Several key things stick out about this incident:

1. Foxy is beginning to close in on Adam "Pacman" Jones for hood-styled incidents involving police.

2. The attackers stole her hearing aid. That's just plain wrong, even if she is a rapper.

3. Apparently, it's not as hard out here for a pimp as we were once led to believe.  


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