Grafh - Yeah Right
Domestic Abusers Use Stop Snitchin' as Cover

Yeah, I'd Snitch!

I'd snitch on George Bush, either one, I hate those guys!

I'd snitch on Ronald Reagan, that bloody bastard, if I could just figure out where they dumped his body.

I'd snitch on the Army Corps and all the rest who contributed to the death of New Orleans.

I'd snitch on those cops that pulled guns on Boots Riley for no good reason other than walking while black.

I'd snitch on that security guard over at Cameron Village that was shaking his can of mace as he followed a harmlessly noisy guy a block away.

I'd snitch on your uncle, you know, the one you told me about.

I'd snitch on my neighbor, seriously, I need some dirt on this guy, his tools of lawn beautification and home rejuvenation run day and night and I'm not sure how much longer I can take it!

I'd snitch on myself, but I gave up existentialism in my youth.

I'd snitch on Jesus, cause everybody knows I got a God complex.

I'd snitch on you, but then who'd listen to my triumphant tales of snitchery?

Yeah, I'd snitch!

~ a creative text by clyde smith ~



I'd snitch, but it wouldn't be as creative as that piece.

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