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Hip Hop @ netweed Update in Progress

JT Money Denies Involvement In Shooting

Semi-famous rapper JT Money is denying involvement in a shooting that took place outside of an Atlanta nightclub last weekend.

The shooting occurred after a dispute between two men outside of the Opera Club in Midtown Atlanta. One man was shot in the abdomen, but no other incidents or injuries were reported. JT Money, real name Jeffrey Thompkins, has a lawyer that says Thompkins was in Florida at the time of the shooting.

Couple of things stick out about this incident. One, it took place at a party for R&B singer Trey Songz. Not really following why anyone would have beef at a show featuring ballads. Two, I genuinely had no idea JT Money was still relevant on the scene, so I'm wondering why some outlets have spun him with terms of "hip-hop star" and "famous rapper."

Foxy Brown to Do Bad All By Herself

Inga Marchand, known to many as hip-hop artist Foxy Brown, has been sentenced to 76 days of solitary confinement at Rikers Island prison for misbehavior and altercations with prisoners and guards.

Marchand was sentenced to serve a year in prison after violating terms of probation in July of this year. She was convicted of attacking a person with a Blackberry phone, and began serving her prison term in September.

This could bode well for the rapper whose career has been in a downward spiral for the past two years. I can't think of a better place to write introspective rhymes, nor can I think of a better album name to spark her comeback than 'Solitary Confinement.'

T.I. Facing Substantial T.I.M.E for Weekend Gun Charges

America's Gangsta Flavor of the Month, Clifford "T.I./T.I.P." Harris faces significant jail time after being arrested in Atlanta on Saturday for purchasing firearms from an undercover federal agent.

A cooperating witness in the investigation, Harris' bodyguard told authorities that he was instructed by Harris to purchase the firearms on his behalf, and deliver them to him. A raid of Harris' College Park, Ga. home after his arrest resulted in the seizure of several other firearms illegally purchased firearms.

He's due to appear in court today.

I know that T.I. frequently mentions having the chopper ready for any hater, and having his lawyer paid up ready to defend him, but I was hopeful that success in film, music and other business ventures wouldn't actually warrant him doing it in real life.

Game Gets Away

Jayceon Taylor, known throughout the hip-hop world and New York police precincts as the Game, had charges of impersonating a police officer dismissed yesterday. The charges did have a condition, barring Taylor from being arrested again for the next six months.

He faces felony charges in Los Angeles next week stemming from an altercation during a pick-up basketball game that allegedly resulted in Game punching someone in the face, and brandishing a firearm in a school zone.

Do rappers have some type of ultra pre-paid legal service? They seem to get out of the toughest spots with the greatest of ease. I believe Game won't be playing around for the next several months, but that's based on more hope than proof. What has been proven, however, is that he has quite a temper and is indecisive on facial tattoos.

And the strangest thing, he seems to be so much happier than 50 Cent these days.

Foxy Brown Surrenders to Police, Becomes Instant Music Mogul

Foxy Brown surrendered to NY police on Wednesday to face charges from a July 30, 2007 assault incident with her neighbor. Her hearing for the incident is set for September 26, 2007.

Arlene Raymond accuses Foxy (real name Inga Marchand) of assaulting her with a Blackberry cell phone in Brooklyn earlier this summer. According to an interview with the New York Post, Raymond was confronted by Brown on a street corner, after which Foxy threw the phone, and injured her eye.

This incident is in addition to charges stemming from a February incident in Florida, when Brown allegedly attacked a beauty supply store owner and resisted arrest.

In related news, the potential of jail time has presented a great opportunity for Foxy to start her own label through Koch Records, Black Roses Entertainment. One thing you can say about Foxy the criminal that you can't say about Foxy the artist, she does keep it consistent.

Remy Ma = Remy Attempted Murder?

Remy Ma, the famous female New York rapper is vehemently denying shooting her friend Makeda Barnes-Joseph at a New York night club on last Saturday night.

Different accounts are being given by both the rapper and the alleged victim, but Barnes-Joseph claims that Ma (real name Reminisce Smith) thought that she had stolen more than $2000 dollars cash from her purse, and then shot her twice in the midsection before dumping Barnes-Joseph's purse. Ma was arrested in connection with the incident early Sunday morning and released on $250,000 bond.

At the very least, we should go through a couple of rounds of witnesses not saying nothin' to nobody, before the truth is eventually pieced together. While its a little more serious than hitting somebody in the head with a microphone, it can be absolutely damaging to a career that's already tough going just for being a female in the game.

Just ask Foxy.

T.I. Vs. T.I.P - T.I.P. takes Round One

Just in the nick of time to accompany his highly anticipated LP T.I. Vs. T.I.P., Clifford "T.I." Harris allegedly smacked somebody in the head with a microphone at last Tuesday's ESPY pre-party held in Hollywood.

The alleged victim is said to have thrown a cup at T.I. during his performance, which if you follow the T.I.P./Ron Artest school of thought, is not such a good idea.

As of the date of this posting, no charges have been filed.

Look, it's time for everybody to get the clue about T.I.'s street credibility. Sure, he's becoming a sought-after actor and spokesperson, and is one of the hottest acts in hip-hop right now. If you're going to try to cool him off, don't let it be from a hurled cup during a performance. Nobody wants to see a star going to jail, even if he doesn't mind.

Besides, nobody wants to be known on the streets as the one who made the Rubberband Man snap. 

Foxy Brown Gets Robbed, Fronts Like it Never Happened

News out of New York yesterday centered around an alleged early Saturday morning robbery of Foxy Brown in Brooklyn at the hands of four assailants. But this wasn't your run-in-the-mill chain snatching, this appears to as much a matter of the heart as it is the loot.

The alleged attack was a result of Foxy dumping her boyfriend after finding out he was a pimp. The ex-boyfriend/pimp then apparently called some ladies to come straighten Foxy out, resulting in a beating/weave snatching/robbery.

Foxy, who's on probation and is facing a battery charge of her own, told reporters this morning that she was not robbed of a Louis Vuitton bag, $500 in cash and credit cards. Police refute the claim, saying that Foxy was the victim. They have made an arrest in the case but have no additional information on other suspects.

Several key things stick out about this incident:

1. Foxy is beginning to close in on Adam "Pacman" Jones for hood-styled incidents involving police.

2. The attackers stole her hearing aid. That's just plain wrong, even if she is a rapper.

3. Apparently, it's not as hard out here for a pimp as we were once led to believe.  

Memorial Day Shooting in Miami Beach

Interesting post this morning concerning a shooting that occurred outside of a Miami Beach restaurant early Monday morning, leaving two men dead.

What makes it interesting besides a broad daylight double homicide in a busy part of the city during one of its busiest weekends, was the parallels that the reporter drew between this crime and Memorial Day hip-hop activities and events that are annually held in the area.

Police confirm they have no motive, and only suspects for the crime. Towards the end of the article, however, an entire graf is dedicated to the multitude of arrests that are customarily made during the popular weekend in and around urban and hip-hop themed concerts and events.

While its possible for them to be linked, it's always best to paint a picture like this with a slim brush, particularly when the story involves families now missing loved ones.