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Hip Hop @ netweed Update in Progress

MLB Player L-Millz Plays Into Hip-Hop Controversy

I'm a baseball fan, and even I was caught off guard by this recent report about maligned New York Mets outfield prospect Lastings Milledge.

Or L-Millz as he is known on his record label, Soulja Boi Records.

Milledge, who has drawn the ire of teammates and coaches with subpar play and and even lower attitude, has come under fire for using derogatory lyrics about African-Americans and women in a song, "Bend Ya Knees" featured on the Soulja Boi Records website. The Mets have officially commented against the lyrics, but have not announced any further action against the player.

With everything surrounding inflammatory rap lyrics, a safe assumption would be that even the most rambunctious of artists will be laying low when it comes to promoting offensive lyrics. However, in another case of ballers trying to be 'balllllllerrrrrs,'  it has cast a negative light on a promising player and a team.

If it doesn't work for rappers like L-Millz and Jewels, it remains to be seen if the likes of Troy Hudson will break the mold. It will also be interesting to see if major sports teams institute a policy against athletes producing controversial music.